Winterizing Roof Checklist

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In New Mexico, fall is a wonderful season marked by beautiful autumn colors, the smell of roasting green chiles, and the sight of hot air balloons in the sky. The arrival of fall, and the return of chilly weather that accompanies it, also reminds us of something: winter is coming. The arrival of winter always requires a fair amount of annual preparations to make sure your things, and particularly your home, are protected from the impending harsh elements of the season. This annual checklist of winter preparations can get quite long and, as it happens all too often, many homeowners will forget to take the necessary steps to winterize their roofs. However, this would be a critical oversight, as your roof is probably the part of your home most susceptible to damage from winter elements, and therefore is the most important to adequately winterize. Below is a brief checklist of things to look for on your roof in the coming months to make sure it is properly equipped to handle the coming winter season in Albuquerque!

Exterior Repairs
The first very important thing to do is to simply give your roof a cursory inspection for damages and necessary repairs such as broken shingles, cracks, etc. Seemingly minor issues like these can become much more severe under the duress from winter elements, turning into major problems. Make these small repairs while they are still small and
contact a professional such as CLI Construction.

Gutter Cleaning
Your gutters will also see a much increased workload over the course of the winter season as they contend with the rain, wind, and snow, and should also be given some extra attention in advance. A thorough gutter cleaning should do the trick, keeping your gutters free and clear and ensuring your roof will drain properly, no matter what it comes up against.

Tree Limbs
If you have trees with limbs that hang over any part of your house, it is a good idea to trim them back so that they are not in danger of causing damage to your roof in the event that they fall over. Even seemingly healthy branches can be knocked down during a winter storm, and can cause extensive, and costly, damage to the roof of your home. It is prudent to inspect the trees around your home and assess which need trimming sometime in the early to mid-fall.

As winter approaches, we implore you not to neglect your roof. We hope these tips have helped outline a strategy for preparing your roof for the winter season, however if you would like a professional opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact CLI Construction in Albuquerque for a roofing inspection and expert repair work!