Summer is here!

Roof Inspection infographic

When temperatures are near 100º and the sun is constantly shining, you know it’s summer in New Mexico! As a Southwestern state, The Land of Enchantment is known for dry, hot summers with especially high temps, and while this may be enjoyable for outdoor activities, it’s quite the opposite for your structure—especially the roof.

The sun’s rays ceaselessly beating down on your roof can cause thermal shock to occur. This is when a roofing system expands and contracts due to changes in weather and temperature. The heat can cause a roof to expand while lower temperatures causes it to contract. This poses an extreme threat to your building’s structure, as the roof can be damaged and experience severe wear and tear, which undoubtedly shortens its lifespan. Beyond that, splits or cracks may occur, especially in older roofs, presenting the opportunity for secondary damage to occur, such as water damage or mold. 

Having your roof routinely inspected is the best way to prevent thermal shock and guard your roof against a variety of costly damages. For New Mexico’s best roofing company, turn to the experts at CLI Construction in Albuquerque! From minor repairs to major re-roofing projects, our team is here for you!