Stucco Repair Albuquerque

Everyone loves the look of a freshly stuccoed house—they stand out in the neighborhood and look beautiful in a uniquely New Mexican way. But when was the last time you had your home re-stuccoed? If it’s been a few years, or if you can’t even remember, then you have also probably forgotten how radiant your home looks when it has fresh stucco!

Here in Albuquerque, your stucco goes through a lot. From freezing in our cold, dry winters to withstanding dust storms in the spring and baking in the hot summer sun, stucco is a durable material perfectly suited to our high desert climate. However, after years of facing the elements, your stucco will begin to crack, chip, and lose a good deal of its rich original color. It is recommended that your stucco should either receive maintenance or be completely replaced every 5 to 10 years, depending on its condition. If time is starting to get the best of your stucco, then it’s time to call CLI Construction in New Mexico!

Stucco Repair in Albuquerque
Stucco Repair in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Stucco Repair Experts

CLI Construction is a family owned company in Albuquerque specializing in stucco and stucco repair. We have mastered every known method of stucco application and have perfected the technique of seamlessly repairing all types of stucco. We guarantee our patches and repairs will blend seamlessly in with your old stucco, and that our work will stand up to the New Mexico elements for years to come. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards in all of our work. We understand the value of your home, your neighbors, and your time, and so we promise to do our work as quickly and non-disruptively as possible, while still making sure the work is high-quality and the job is done right the first time.

Time for New Stucco?

We are Albuquerque’s go-to stucco repair company, and we would love to show you why! For all your Albuquerque stucco needs, choose CLI Construction and get the job done right!

If your stucco is ready for some professional attention, don’t wait! Call us today at (505) 910-4833 or visit our website to get your free quote! No strings attached!