Stucco: How to know when it is time to replace your stucco!

Stucco Infographic

Stucco makes for a beautiful addition to any New Mexican building, from homes to businesses. Its many shades make it easy to personalize and its rough texture adds a bit of depth and dimension to a building’s exterior. However, like anything else, its quality may begin to diminish with time, revealing cracks, discoloration, and even mold. Knowing when to inquire about professional services is crucial to preserving your stucco—but how do you know when it’s time? The experts at CLI Construction break it down below! 

There are three key aspects to keep an eye out for on stucco, as they may signify that it’s time to have it repaired! The first is cracks. These are prevalent on New Mexico stucco due to the dry, hot weather. If ignored, they can begin to cause your stucco to look unsightly with chips and breakage. The next is discoloration, which can be caused by moisture or water, which can eventually turn into a bigger problem—which leads us to our third and final aspect, mold. Mold can grow within the layers of the stucco, and is typically caused by moisture. 

Our team will upgrade the look and quality of your stucco, with protective layers that will help combat these problems from occurring again in the future. Give us a call today to learn more about our stucco services and how we can upgrade your home or business!