Is Your Property Spring-Ready?

After a long, cold winter, it’s no question—New Mexicans are ready for spring! The real question is: are our home and business buildings ready?

As we prepare for longer days and warmer temperatures, we should also prepare our properties for the change of season and weather. Checking their condition and repairing any winter damage will not only ensure your building is ready for spring, but will also enhance its look, and more importantly, its quality and value. 

At CLI Construction, we’re known for our dedicated service and exceptional workmanship, and are proud to serve the city of Albuquerque and beyond. From inspecting your roof to repairing your stucco, our team will help ready your property for the spring season! 

ABQ Roof & Stucco Services for Spring

April showers bring May flowers—but they can also bring unwanted problems, such as water leaks, mold, and other forms of property damage. With rain showers and thunderstorms being a prime element of the spring season, it’s important to ensure your roof and stucco walls are ready for the impact. Below, our team of experts lay out what to do and how we can help prepare your home or business! 

Prep & Repair Your Roof

The heavy snow and winds of the winter season may have caused damage to your roof, and if ignored, could lead to further, more costly damage. Begin with an initial cleanup of your roof. Clear any debris from the roof’s surface and gutters, such as twigs and leaves. Then, schedule an inspection with CLI Construction. Our team will examine the condition of your roof, identify any issues, and work to immediately repair them. This ensures that your roof is ready before spring storms hit, and helps maintain its condition and durability. 

Inspect & Preserve Your Stucco

The change in weather can cause stucco to crack or become brittle. Additionally, winter snow storms may have caused damage to your structure’s stucco, that if not repaired, could also cause further, more severe damage. Begin with an inspection of your stucco. Look for cracks, chips, broken off pieces, or other damage, and if you find any, call CLI Construction. We’ll work to immediately repair your stucco and restore its condition before spring showers hit. Doing so prevents water from entering into your structure from exposed areas, and causing water and mold damage—both of which can put your structure and health at risk.

Don’t wait—call CLI Construction before the rain comes at (505) 910-4833 for the best Albuquerque roofing and stucco services in New Mexico!