Hail Damage!

Hail Damage graphic

New Mexico is known as The Land of Enchantment, a name influenced by its sunny forecast and desert scenery. However, this Southwest state is no stranger to wet weather, including extreme hail storms. Every summer, New Mexico is affected by the North American Monsoon System (NAMS), usually taking place from June 15th through September 30th. During this period, hail can rain down at high speeds, threatening your roof and structure.

Ranging from small centimeter sizes to large inch-sized hailstones and falling with a speed of 20 to 100 miles per hour, hail can undoubtedly cause damage to the roof of your home or business, but here’s what you can do:

Regular Roof Maintenance

Having your roof routinely inspected and maintained year-round will allow our roofing experts to find and repair issues before they become bigger problems. In doing so, your roof will be in top-condition before monsoon season, and will therefore be less vulnerable to its threats. 

Hail Damage Inspection

After a severe hail storm, it’s crucial that you have your roof thoroughly checked by our professionals. This will allow us to quickly identify and repair any damages, preventing further issues and saving you time and money. 

When the hail hits hard, there’s only one name to trust—CLI Construction in Albuquerque!