Construction Facts: Construction is an Essential Business

Roof Maintenance Program graphic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many regulations were put in place to mitigate the spread of the virus, including deeming businesses essential or non essential. If a business provides essential services or products, they are considered an essential business, and allowed to continue to operate. 

CLI Construction is proud to be an essential business! 

Your home and workplace are essential to you, and ensuring they remain in top, quality condition is what we’re dedicated to! One way to ensure this is with an annual roof maintenance program, focused on identifying issues and immediately resolving them. Below, our experts explain 7 reasons why you should turn to CLI Construction for an annual roof maintenance program.

  1. Extended Lifespan: Extends the life of your roof by 25%. 
  2. Warranty Preservation: Helps preserve your roof’s warranty, saving you money. 
  3. Early Detection: If you have any issues, we’ll resolve them quickly before any more costly issues arise. 
  4. Saves Time: Roof reports and estimates are included in your annual roof maintenance program. 
  5. Preventative Measure: An inspection helps identify issues ahead of time, before they turn into unexpected emergencies.
  6. Documentation: Everything is documented with photography and recorded in writing by our experts. 
  7. Protects Investment: Your roof is an important part of your building, and a costly one at that. Ensure it’s protected with an annual roof maintenance program from CLI Construction in Albuquerque! 

If you are having issues with your roof or stucco we are here to ensure they’re resolved quickly and accurately. Reach out to us today for essential roofing and stucco services!